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ʔuyúʔs ʔe nsnək̓ʷnúk̓ʷeʔ (All our friends gather)

IPD 2024 - Blog photo gallery by Communications

On Friday, June 21, Shulus Arbour was alive with the vibrant spirit of our community as we celebrated Indigenous Peoples Day.

This event, a collaboration between Citxw Nlaka'pamux Assembly, Lower Nicola Indian Band, Scw’exmx Community Health Services, Scw’exmx Child and Family Services, Nlaka’pamux Health Services Society, School District 58, ASK Wellness, K’en T’em Limited Partnership, BC Ministry of Forests Wildland Firefighters, and many other key individuals and groups, was a testament to the power of community connection and collaboration.

Our celebration was not just an event but a meaningful space for our people to reclaim and celebrate our heritage, language, and culture. From the opening remarks and song by Elders Amelia Washington and Willard Wallace, along with heartfelt words from Robin Humphrey (LNIB Councillor), Lee Spahan (Coldwater Chief), and Fred Sampson (Siska Chief), the day was marked with a profound sense of respect and gratitude for our traditions and ancestors.

The day's events included a mini powwow that resonated with the rhythm of drumming, evoking the heartbeat of our land and people. Biggz BBQ, Bugabeez food truck, and Shaka Grill offered delicious meals, while information booths and vendors provided valuable resources and a chance to support Indigenous businesses. Many door prizes were given away to community members and attendees! 

Engaging activities for all ages, from traditional crafts to educational displays, ensured that there was something for everyone. 

“It’s been a great day for me,” said Brenden, a grade 6 student attending the celebration with his school. “There are a lot of people here for me to connect with.”

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the many community members, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and staff whose combined efforts made this day possible. Their dedication and hard work were crucial in creating a space where we could all come together to honor our heritage and strengthen our bonds.

“This event embodies the spirit of our community coming together,” said Virginia Aspinall, nłeʔképmx Programs Manager for Citxw Nlaka'pamux Assembly. "It is a beautiful reminder of our resilience and the importance of preserving our culture and traditions for future generations."

As we reflect on this year's Indigenous Peoples Day, we are reminded of the strength found in unity and the beauty of our shared traditions. Let us continue to celebrate our culture, learn from our Elders, and pass down the knowledge and wisdom to our future generations.