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As a part of its 10th anniversary celebrations in 2023, the Citxw Nlaka'pamux Assembly released a timeline of the past decade, including major milestones, key moments of growth, and a short history of the work being done to protect and advance nłeʔképmx Rights, Title, Values, and Interests.

To expand the timeline and include additional input from our community members, we are asking you to share your favourite or most treasured memory of the CNA with us - whether that be of a specific event, a general program, an interaction with a team member, an employment and training opportunity, or everything in between.

Share your story using the form below, and it could be included in our new timeline book. Stories are subject to edits for clarity and conciseness. By submitting your story, you will be entered to win a variety of $25 gas cards or other gift cards. Draws will be done weekly while stories are being collected.


kʷukʷstéyp (kwukw-shteyp) - thank you from all of us!