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  • TSD and Falkirk Environmental team report back from the Fall Open Houses
  • Guardians and Skill Share Fall Engagement report back and continue the conversation
  • Dinner and door prizes!
  • Family Portraits by our communications team!


Meeting Dates: January 23-26, 2023 & January 30- February 2, 2023


What We Heard!

Our TSD, Guardians and Programs Team will be reporting back on all we heard from our fall 2022 community engagement.

During the fall of 2022, the Citxw Nlaka'pamux Assembly Territorial Stewardship Department (TSD), Guardians and Programs teams visited our 8 communities. During the meetings the following topics were presented and discussed with our CNA Members:

  • HVC 2040 Legacy Project
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Community-Based Indicators
  • Next steps
  • Guardians projects
  • Programs Skill Share Bank
  • CNA's Mobile Kitchen, "The Gift of Health and Wellness"

The TSD team has looked through the lens from our communities perspective. They will be providing Nlaka’pamux socioeconomic information collected through the Legacy Project back to the communities, which will tie into all the work the CNA does. Our operations are rooted in ensuring that Nlaka’pamux people have a say in decisions that matter for our people in accordance with our values and knowledge. Together we will determine how to protect our culture, and care for our lands, water, fish, and wildlife. We support our Participating Bands in sustainably managing natural resources and economic development in Nlaka’pamux Territory in relation to the Highland Valley Copper mine.

Guardians Mandate - How we can support our communities

Our Guardians team will be gathering feedback from each of our eight communities to understand current priorities. The information gathered will help develop individualized plans for each community incorporating identified priorities into the guardian's mandate. For example, if there is construction work happening within the territory, the community can flag that they would like more info to ensure the company is following proper environmental procedures, this could become a guardians monitoring checkpoint. If you have questions or would like to discuss your community priorities please attend this local event, you can also reach out to Ariel by email at aswayze@cna-trust.ca.

We will have various stations set up, where you can learn about CNA’s ongoing work and continue to give your feedback.

Collect a stamp at each section and fill up your passport to receive a family portrait. If you are an artisan and would like to set up a table at this event, we would love to have you join us to share your skills. Please contact Taylor Nicholls (or the Community Engagement Coordinator for your community) if you are interested.

Programs - Gathering our skilled community members

Our programs team was on tour with our new mobile kitchen in October, you may have seen us drive by or stopped by to check us out! We were a little hard to miss, a big white van with a silver bowl on top and a beautiful wrap reading “The Gift of Health and Wellness”.

At these meetings, we talked about the things that matter most: Food; Health; Wellness. We asked you things like: “What matters most to you?” “What do you want to see taught with the mobile kitchen?” “How can we at the CNA help?”

Here’s what we heard: “Prices have gone up”, and “It’s getting harder to buy healthy food”. “We’re not a hunting/fishing community, but we want to learn”, “How do you can meat?”, and “How do you use a pressure canner?”. “What’s the difference between pressure and water bath?”, “Canned food can contribute to health concerns due to sugars”, and “What other methods of food preservation can be used?”

Every single question and answer is so important to the health of our communities. We want to work together to address these issues- and we need your help.

We know that the knowledge of healthy eating, food preservation, and traditional food wellness lives within our nation and we want to engage you to help others learn how to live sustainably and healthily. If you have knowledge about canning, preservation, cooking, traditional or modern recipes, and hunt/fish camps and are willing to share that knowledge, please reach out to us at programs@cna-trust.ca or call the office and ask for Virginia at 250-378-1864.

Through The Community Lens (1) Blog Post.pdf


Do you paint, bead or sew? Are you a soap maker or a candle maker? We are currently seeking Nlaka'pamux artisans to purchase items for door prizes. We are also seeking caterers for the upcoming Territorial Stewardship meetings from Jan 23, - Feb 3rd 2023.

If you are interested please contact Taylor Nicholls (250) 378-1864 or by email: tnicholls@cna-trust.ca